A Festival of Artillery (Live from CannonFest 2012)

• August 20th, 2012

Chuck, Will and Joe love their job!

Recorded live at Buffalo Wild Wings Grandview during CannonFest 2012, the boys load up the interview cannon with spread shot and swing for the fences! (I know, awesome analogy) We blew off an interview with a very attractive lady from Fox Sports Ohio to talk to Deryck Castonguay (the man behind the amazing Air Force CBJ flag photo), John Kemp and Morgan Ward, Greg May, Tom Felrath (the one and only Dark Blue Jacket), Matt Wagner, Alison Lukan, Tom Larrow (The man behind the exclusive and magnificent CannonFest videos every year), and CannonFest/Central Division Tweet Up Master of Ceremonies Rick Gethin.

Holy shit, that was a lot of names.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm now very pumped for the season.  Win, Lose or Shootout Loss, LET'S GO JACKETS!


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Militant Soccer (Live from the 2012 CDTU)

• July 30th, 2012

We've fought piranha to bring you this show LIVE from the 2012 Central Division Tweet Up!

From the center of a school of lesbian soccer fans, we talk to Brian Klein from the Arch City Army and Julie Maurer, travel enthusiast and President of The Jacket Backers, you couldn't ask for a better line up.

By the way, if you like our show and like what we do, let us know and encourage us to continue by Liking our Facebook page & leaving us good comments on iTunes.  Another episode to come in about a month.  Continue having a (insert adjective here) summer everyone!

ps. John Kemp, you'll never understand how much editing this episode took.


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Dear John, I Did Not Edit Anything (Live From Bdubs, Grandview)

• May 17th, 2012

The original gang is back!

Chuck, Will & Joe take on hot buttered CBJ  topics as well as a few equally buttered up special guests.  Alison L, John T Kemp and Greg May drop the parm-garlic, boneless wing covered table to discuss the removal of Todd Richards' interim tumor, the always enigmatic Steve Mason dilemma, Team USA's victories as of late under the leadership of none other than Sir Jack Johnson himself, and they answer the tough question, Who Will Wear The Captain's C Next Season!  Plus, a special message from Sarah Mclachlan.

All this and more from God's lips to your earbuds, on the finale episode of...

The Cannon Report!!!


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C’mon Edmonton, Can’t You Just Be Cool This Once?

• April 27th, 2012

Chuck and Will attack the Draft Lottery...

And they talk about some other stuff, including listening in on Howson's, Dorsett's and everybody's favorite player right now, Jack Johnson's post-season interviews.  I don't know what else they talk about, I didn't listen, I don't really care for the show...

But you might!!!


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Red Wings Fans are Still Entitled Douchebags.

• April 6th, 2012

Chuck and Will tear some shit apart, apathetically.

The end of the season is near and the wear and tear on us fans is obvious.  We discuss the upcoming realignment, the playoffs, our summer time podcast endeavors, and we call Joe.  Also, we present a new installment of Grandpa Hockey and finish it all up with a very special outtake from fellow Cannon Reporter, Chris.

This season was dirty but we all trust Howson to clean it up in the summer sun...


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Don’t Worry Prospal, You One Of The Good’ns

• March 26th, 2012

Holy Shit, Chuck, Joe & Chris are back in the same room!

And what's more, they actually talk about hockey!  Joe recaps the Oiler's return to Nationwide Arena (much to the detriment of the Jackets and their fans).  They discuss the immense difference in stats between the CBJ and their division rivals.  Chris, once again, fights facts with opinion about where a team is located.  Chuck also talks about his recent move, the boys talk about the cuts made to last week's episode, where the Real Question Is theme came from, how Joe actually created Robot Chicken, their love of From Dusk Til Dawn and once again invoke the power of Twisted Sister!

Drink, be merry, and find a team to root for in the playoffs!


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Holy Crap! A Girl! But That Doesn’t Stop Us.

• March 15th, 2012

Chuck and Chris invite Maggie on the show to represent all women & how they feel about everything.

Somehow the guys manage to offend almost every group of people including retarded people, asian girls, black people, gay people, women and whatever the hell Kyle Rayburn is.  They also dive deep into Steve Mason's psyche, Jeff Carter being fat and tales of the night that ended at the gay bar! All this and more, recorded live at The Jug Bar and Grill in Historic Delaware Ohio.

Warning: This episode involves words.


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George Martin Would Be Proud

• March 2nd, 2012

Special guest Kyle Rayburn joins up for the first 4 man show!

As the Jackets battle their way to Mason's first shutout of the season in the background, Joe, Chuck and Chris keep the hockey talk pretty minimal with the lackluster trade deadline, but do talk a bit about Howson and Rick Nash and the lack of leadership on the CBJ team.  They also talk bout Joe's constant abuse of his child, how Rayburn is tired of all the charities, Chris' empathy for the homeless, Chuck's upcoming move (which, by the way, IS to Cuyahoga Falls), the possibilities of 'Berger's Burgers, everyone makes fun of Chuck's shirt, and the One Last Shot Stop: Club 20!

Epilogue, we DID end up at Club 20 that night.


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It kicks Friendster and Myspace’s Ass!

• February 23rd, 2012

Chuck, Joe and Chris explore their sensuality in this, the 17th installment, of The Cannon Report.

Unable to watch the CBJ destroy the Sharks on television, the boys put on the Detroit vs Chicago game in the background and get to the bottom of the CBJ stats, Highlander the Series, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, Journey 2 and Papa John's 1st year of CBJ support.  They ask the tough questions, like Where do the CBJ go from here? and Is Nash still an elite player?.  Chuck pulls out his Obama impression and Adrian (unpaid engineer extraordinaire) hits a home run out of the park!

If you like new drops, Facebook & a show that starts with the word Masturbate, then this will be your favorite episode ever!


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Vinny P: Columbus’ Jesus

• February 10th, 2012

Chuck, Joe and Chris return in 85 percent health to discuss the previous day's wonderful occurences!

With the CBJ fighting the Dallas Stars (poorly) in the background, the boys of the Cannon talk about Vinny Prospal's welcome future with the Columbus organization they so love.  They also talk about interviewer extraordinaire Natalie (or as Chris knows her Monkeybone), the bane of Twitter-bots TheNewBlueJackets, and Jeff Carter and exactly how he fits into the whole thing.  The magic of the Cannon Report's first star of the week also starts paying some dividends!


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